Contribute your own Maregraphy

We would be delighted if you, as a ship or sea photographer, would like to support our campaign in favour of the Bowspirit Kids with one or three of your photographs.

Our partner Art Heroes will use your image files to produce high-quality reproductions for all types of wall pictures according to customer requirements in very high quality craftsmanship.
The print and processing quality regularly receives "very good" ratings. Therefore it is important that you provide your image files in the best possible quality.

Art Heroes requests the following technical requirements for the image files:
  • File formats: JPEG (in maximum quality) or TIFF (with ZIP compression)
  • Colour profile: Adobe RGB (or sRGB)
  • Minimum resolution: 12 megapixels (e.g. 4,000 x 3,000 pixels, 5,000 x 2,500 pixels, etc.)
  • The shorter of the two sides of the image should in any case have no less than 2,500 pixels
  • Maximum resolution: 150 megapixels
  • Maximum file size: 200 MB
  • Please no white or decorative frames
  • Please refrain from using company names, logos, signatures or copyright notices at the edge of the picture

Please contribute as special, unique pictures as possible to our campaign, which you would like to see in a friend's living room.

In return, we will be happy to place a link to your website or e-mail address on our website so that people interested in your work may contact you personally.