FAQ About Crowdfundraising

How will the crowdfundraising process work?

Supporters can post text messages or graphics on the two virtual hull sides of our ship on this website as part of the "the world's largest floating pinboard" campaign.

The hull sides are depicted as a side view of the ship.

Visitors can search for specific posts in the ship graphics, zoom in on them or simply browse through them. In addition, a search function allows you to quickly find your own post(s) in the graphic using a pseudonym.

Each supporter can freely define the size and scope of the post; a calculator immediately dislays the amount. The system positions the post on the hull. Empty spaces are gradually filled in from left to right and from top to bottom.

If both of the hulls get completely filled in, we will have reached stage 3 of our stage model.

The plan is to transfer posts from the virtual hull and affix them onto the real hull using printed film. For the entire following year, the Bowspirit Kids floating camp will be the highly visible carrier of all of the (advertising) messages and graphics posted on the website.

You can also support the short-term needs of our non-profit sister company, Bowspirit Kids gemeinnützige GmbH, via the donation platforms betterplace.org and GoFundMe.

Where will my message be carried to on the ship?

Your message will travel with the ship through the real world: e.g. from the shipyard to our base port. Or from the base port during recreation camp voyages through the Baltic Sea, North Sea or around Europe. Or on special trips to the Arab world or the American East Coast.

Who can see my message?

In the virtual version of the pinboard, all visitors to this website see your message. In the real world, your message can be seen by many people as the "real" ship travels. Since we also plan to participate in major maritime events, thousands of people will have the opportunity to view the messages displayed on the ship's hulls.

Please note that at present, we cannot say exactly which events we will participate in or on which date. There are still many hurdles to overcome before that point - the financing being the biggest one.

We would like to participate in the following major events: Hamburger Hafengeburtstag (Hamburg Port anniversary celebration / 1,000,000 visitors), Kieler Woche ("Kiel Week" sailing event and regatta / 3,800,000 visitors), Travemünder Woche ("Travemünde Week" / 1,000,000 visitors), Hanse Sail (1,000,000 visitors), and Sail Bremerhaven (1,200,000 visitors).

How will my post be affixed to the "real" ship?

With printed film. This method has long been established in the maritime industry for use as corrosion protection and for affixing large advertising messages.