FAQ About the Pinboard Campaign

How do I create a post on the "world's largest floating pinboard"?

Please note that your post is virtual and initially only appears on our website on a virtual pinboard. If the goal is reached and the side walls of the virtual ship get completely filled in with posts, then your posts and all of the others will be affixed to the side of an actual ship and thus become part of "the world's largest floating pinboard".

What content is allowed in the posts?

In general, every supporter can freely design his or her own post. It can be a photo, a graphic you create yourself, or a short text.
Please note that the supporter is responsible for complying with copyright laws and the personal rights of individuals depicted in images or graphics.

What content is not allowed in the posts?

We reserve the right to remove and delete posts containing discriminatory, inhuman, degrading, racist, xenophobic, political, ideological, religious or pornographic content or similar content. This also applies to other content that is punishable by law or which violates the rights of third parties.
Don't forget: This is a campaign for children.

How long will my post stay on the pinboard?

The online campaign will last at least 12 months. If the pinboard makes it to the ship, every post will remain on the side of the ship for a minimum of 12 months.