Join In & Support Bowspirit Kids Now

We would like to thank everyone who has already been here and participated in the campaign. Support us and become part of the "world's largest floating pinboard".

It's very easy to do.

Write your message on the virtual side of our ship. Or maybe post a text that is personally important to you? How would you like to see your picture there? It can be a photo, painting, drawing, graffiti - anything goes. Let your creativity run free and show the world what moves you...

And if a lot more people get involved and think like you and both of the ship's sides get filled in with posts, then your post will be on the actual ship, it will travel the sea and be viewed by even more people - for at least 12 months! On the "world's largest floating pinboard".

Chose your type of entry now:

Please contact us at if you wish to upload a large graphics or image file or have a special placement preference.